Color Care Shampoo

Color Care Shampoo


Ideal for dyed hair to lock the color of hair shafts. This is not a hair color shampoo and do not contain chemical dyes and harsh detergent. Mixed with natural ingredients of aloe vera, olive oil, pro vitamin B5, it gently cleanses your hair and scalp and protects the dyed color from being washed off. It prevents dandruff and stops itching. Tips for dyed hair, avoids washing hair with hot water and uses the hair coat product when flat iron, curl iron or blow dry.

Size 300 ML.

Principle products are natural and mild. We avoid using the harmful chemicals.


NO silicones

NO petroleum based oil

NO animal derived materials

♥ Good pH balance suitable to skin and to cleansing

♥ Gentle to sensitive skin

FDA Registration Number : 10-1-6100046793

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Color Care Shampoo : Dyed or chemical treated hair

maintains the dyed hair-color not the dyeing agent skin and eye irritation tested protects the natural color of hair keeps the scalp moisted

TO USE : Pour a small amount of shampoo into palm, rub gently until it lathers. Apply on wet hair and scalp. Massage gently and rinse off with water.

Active ingredients

henna/ jojoba oil/ aloe vera/ corn derivatives

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